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Vietnam Osaka Fuji Co., is wholly owned group company by Osaka Fuji Co., in Japan.In 2014, we acquired the investment licens and built the factory at Nhon Trach 3 Industrial Parl in Dong Nai Province.It began operations in 2015.

For more than 65 years since its foundation, Osaka Fuji Co., has earned high credibility and trust from various industries such as Iron and Steel, Paper Making, Electric Power and Plant Engineering. We, Vietnam Osaka Fuji., has the same high level of engineering and quality as Japanese parent company has, and also we have achieved the low cost at the same We will keep contributing to all our customers who need maintenance, repairing and extending the service life of equipment by our surface modification technology.


VIETNAM OSAKA FUJI CO., LTD. has been established in objective maintaining and repairing manufacturing equipment for making steel, making galvanizing steel sheet, making paper and the Power generation.

With the 65 years of experience in the surface modification technology and engineering in Japan, we will contribute here in Vietnam to meeting every request and demand for better quality, price, and delivery schedule.

There are various methods of surface modification. Each of them has some advantages and disadvantages. Our strength is having deep knowledge and wide experience for all of these methods of surface modification. We provide solutions to the disadvantages while combining and utilizing its advantages. For example, we can propose  one of our best technics of combining the overay welding and themal spraying.

As for the equipment, we also have introduced the same high level of special equipment as in Japan such as PTA welding machines, all kinds of heating furnaces, water plasma spraying device and automatic construction robot.

Making the best use of our these tangible and intangible strengths, we will devote ourselves to support the progress and development of Vietnamise manufacturing industry.

Vinaofic company

Factory Address  Road 4, Nhon Trach 3 Industrial Park-Phase 2, Long Tho Commune, Nhon Trach Dist., Dong Nai Province, Vietnam 
Tel + 84-251-356-6700    Fax: +84-251-356-6701
Representative  General Director  YOSHII JOJI
Established  March 12, 2014 
Operation  Plan to start from April 2015 
Capital   3,000,000     USD 
Site Area  13.000m2 
Factory Area  2.400m2 
Business  Overlay Welding, “Thermal Spraying, Machining