Our surface modification technology is also applied to the following industries.


・Construction industry field

In the construction industry field, we are able to perform rust preventive spraying as a countermeasure against natural corrosion (effects of rainwater and seawater, etc.) of structures.

We also conduct non-slip thermal spraying of temporary scaffolding and rust preventive thermal spraying work for large outdoor tanks.


・Chemical field

There’re corrosion factors caused by various chemicals, however it is possible to protect the products by coating with an alloy or ceramic material

that has excellent reactivity resistance.


・Textile field

There’re a lot of rollers and guide rollers that a yarn passes through continuously in yarn and fiber manufacturing, however the metal and plastic used as the bese

materials does not have sufficient wear resistance and its life is significantly shortened.

We are able to protect the roller base materials without yarn breakage by coating with an alloy or ceramic with excellent wear resistance.